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What is Spider Blocking?

Spider blocking is a feature of the LSN CDN that allows you to block Google from...

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Jonthan Twyman

What payment types does Limestone accept?

Limestone Networks accepts all major credit cards as well as PayPal...

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What type of virtualization is used for cloud servers?

There are a few main virtualization types: KVM, VMWare, OpenVZ and Xen. Out of them, we...

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WHMCS module Welcome Email template update

The OnePortal module for WHMCS update includes a "OnePortal Welcome" email template to...

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WHMCS Reseller Modules -- Best Practices

This article presents some best practices with regard to configuring WHMCS to work with...

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WHMCS Server Module for OnePortal

To easily resell our services to your clients Install our...

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Windows Memory Limits

The table below describes the psychical memory limits supported by each Windows...

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you offer Windows on cloud servers?

Yes, there are various Microsoft Windows options on our order form for the cloud. The...

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