How can I restart my server remotely?

img Hunter Day

Mar 28, 2019


OnePortal 7

There are many ways to restart your server remotely without having to contact our Support team.

If you have access to your server...

Restart your server through SSH (Linux)

Connect to your server through SSH and run either of these commands:

  • shutdown -r now
  • reboot
  • init 6

Restart your server through RDP (Windows)

After connecting to your Windows server using Remote Desktop, use the start button to initiate a restart.

If you cannot access your server... Use the IPMI Interface

Most of our dedicated servers come with a remote management interface. From OnePortal, simply click the black console icon next to your server's name. You can then login using your OnePortal login.

Restart through OnePortal

As a last resort, you can restart your server through OnePortal by clicking on your server's name and clicking the Power button.